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Experience is our Secret Sauce

It may sound cynical but the reality is that many, if not most, applicants have some form of misrepresentation on their application for employment.  34% of applicants intentionally misrepresent something on their application for employment.  Some of these misrepresentations are quite innocent while other are intended to conceal a troubled history.

Do you really know the applicant you are hiring? Would you know if a candidate lied on your application? Reduce the risk of a hiring someone you don’t want, and a possible negligent-hiring lawsuit, with our accurate, compliant background checks. Through a combination of technology and our expert personal service, The RJ Group quickly and affordably delivers the information you need to make informed hiring decisions and reduce turnover and your workplace risk. Plus, our technology enables your human resources to streamline the hiring process with integrated tools that make ordering background checks and tracking applicant data fast and easy.

For less than the cost of a new employee’s salary for one day, you can exercise due diligence, discourage applicants with something to hide, encourage honesty and limit uncertainty in the hiring process.

We supply you with the accurate, compliant background checks so you will know exactly whom you are hiring. Through a combination of our personal service and technology, we enable you to screen candidates by choosing information pertinent to your individual hiring needs. Our technology streamlines the entire background screening process and reduces paperwork and errors, so you can make more informed decisions even faster.

From standardizing the hiring procedures across multiple locations, to offering unlimited access to previously ordered records, we go beyond what other companies offer. Each of your background records are reviewed, interpreted and evaluated, based on your company’s criteria. And, our personal service means we are always available to help with further interpretation and review of the reports you receive. We strive to create a partnership with your company, empowering you with the most comprehensive information and personalized service you need to protect your company’s values.