Frequently Asked Questions

What applicant information should I provide when submitting a search request?

(1) Full Name
(2) Social Security Number
(3) Date of Birth
(4) Address*
(5) Driver’s License Number*
(6) Employment/Education Information

Why must I supply the applicants’ release form for some states?

Certain states require that a signed and witnessed or notarized Release Form be submitted when requesting background information. Failure to provide the Release will result in either a limited release of background information, or none, at all.

Why must I supply applicants’ dates of birth?

Date of birth is critical to the criminal record search process. The majority of courts use date of birth as a primary identifier, and a number require this piece of information to process requests. The date of birth is used for identification purposes only.

Why must I supply the drug screen chain of custody number (“coc#”) for both applicants and employees who take a drug test?

The drug screen chain of custody number is the primary identifier for matching your candidate to a pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, nicotine or post accident drug screen. Providing us with the assigned number is critical to determining who provided the sample at the lab or during an on-sight collection, and appropriate processing.

Why do some real-time criminal records take longer than others to be returned?

(1) The need to match legally insulating applicant identifiers against court paperwork
(2) The need to sort through multiple possible records
(3) Common applicant names
(4) Lack of customer-supplied dates of birth
(5) Court holidays/closures

What can I do to improve my turnaround time?
(1) Ensure legibility and completeness of application/submission forms
(2) When applicable, provide full company/institution name, address and phone number
(3) Avoid abbreviations and addresses lacking street numbers
(4) Provide full applicant information as listed above, including maiden names/aliases when applicable

Why am I sometimes asked to supply applicants’ Release Forms? 

States routinely conduct audits to ensure compliance with the FCRA, and we must provide the appropriate Release.

What are my obligations as an employer under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?

(1) Obtain a signed release from the applicant prior to conducting any type of background investigation
(2) Keep an applicant summary of rights on file along with individual applicant reports for a minimum of five years
(3) If considering adverse action, provide the applicant with a copy of the report and applicable summary of rights prior to taking any adverse action

How do I receive additional help or more information from The RJ Group?

Phone: 1.800.800.7450
Phone: 904-288-0290
Email: info@rjgclientservices.com
Fax:     904.288.0293
Mail:   The RJ Group
12005 London Lake Drive West
Jacksonville, FL 32258

  • Substance Abuse
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  • Work Ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Attitude
  • Extended Employment
  • You can quickly and safely assess key work-related areas, before spending your time and money on more costly background checking and drug screening.

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